Medical Entrance
The Course Material: Lessons and Assignments

The study material is presented in 7 sets of lessons and assignments. The 6th set consists of the Full-Syllabus Medical Entrance Model Test Papers I to III with keys. In all the three subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) each lesson is followed by an Assignment in two parts: Part A - Subjective / Descriptive Questions. Part B - Objective Questions.

Postal Tests

There are 6 Postal Model Tests in each subject during the One-year Course, 3 patterned on CBSE's All-India PM/PD Test and 3 on the other types of Question Papers.

Med. QB (Medical Question Bank)

This contains about 3000 objective questions in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, with keys and explanatory notes for select questions. The Self-Scorers consist of 12 sets of papers containing 2000 objective questions in Physics, Chemistry and Biology with keys.

B.NET (Brilliant's National Evaluation Tests)
  • B.NET National Online Tests: 4 B.NET National Online Progressive Tests followed by 7 Final Tests are conducted online.
  • Full-Syllabus Medical Entrance Simulator Test Series (home-based): 13 Full-Syllabus Test Papers with sealed solutions. This Full-Syllabus Test Series, together with the 7 Final National Online Tests of B.NET will enable the students to face the Medical Entrance Exams with supreme self-confidence.
Doubt Letter Scheme

Our professors' services are readily available to clear students' doubts arising from our course material. Students are welcome to send us their doubts, in writing, even if the entire course material has been received much earlier.